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Shiva Lingams

THE SHIVA-LINGAM - A SACRED STONE :- The Shiva-lingam is one of the most sacred icons of the ancient as well as the modern world. These Shiva-lingams come only from the Narmada river in the central western part of India. Those of you who have seen the movie "INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM" may recall they were searching for the sacred stone. The SHIVA-LINGAM is that sacred stone. The Lingam is symbolic of the divine creative menifestation. The Lingam shape is representative of the power of Shiva, the Lord of creation, the masculine creative energy. The markings also known as yoni, symbolise the feminine energy, the seed which is fertilised to manifest the creative power in the dance of the cosmos.
Please note that we have lingams starting from the very small size of 1" upto 10 feet, so please let me know your requirement and we will quote you accordingly.


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