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My Father started collecting Minerals Specimens as a part of his hobby in 1991, that is how when foundation of Ankur Gems was liad. Originally a diamond and gems merchant Mr. Praful Soni and my father was very found of natural resources, self mining of some beautiful minerals and a collection of them was his favourite pass time. In India, he is famouse as Rock Man for his love towards gems and Minerals. With gradual decent of time, I Mr. Annkur Soni, steped in busniess and we grew to deal in various products. Not only exclusive collection of minerals but super metaphysical products define us. Working with Stones is in our Blood and i am sure working with us you will have pleasureful experience.

Annkur Soni. (CEO Ankur Gems)


Bungalow no 37, RSC Rd Number 25, Sector 8, Kandiwali West,
Mumbai, Maharashtra 400067.